Core Values

  1. Be good to animals. Act kindly and think progressively to improve the lives of animals.
  2. Partner with people. Harness the creativity and passion of people through collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Lead responsibly with compassion. 
  4. Inspire trust through leadership that balances the head and heart.
  5. Manage and allocate all our resources to remain steadfast to our mission, to achieve the greatest good, and to ensure the future of our organization.
  6. Our actions and decisions are based on providing the best medical and shelter care, and services to as many animals as possible. 
  7. We respect the life of each individual animal without compromising the welfare of staff, community, and the animal population as a whole.
  8. Enrich the community by placing domestic animals in responsible, loving homes that can meet the needs of the animal.
  9. We treat all persons with dignity and respect in a non-judgmental manner.  The general public, as well as our staff members and volunteers, are all viewed as our partners in improving animal welfare and in fulfilling our Mission.